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Sunderland Fans. A Tribute.

Author: warthog / Date: Monday 4th August 2008

Set Pieces

Charming, erudite, intelligent, knowledgeable. None of those words can be used to describe Sunderland fans. Once more, the slum dwellers of the North-East embarrass themselves.

Itís that time of year again.  The new season approaches, the natives are getting edgy, summerís rubbish as usual and T-W is invaded by a bunch of spotty, obnoxious, educationally subnormal chavs, who struggle to put two words together.  Yes, the Sunderland fans are back. It first started in 2006 with...

Riding the Roller Coaster

Author: hisroyalgingerness / Date: Tuesday 24th June 2008

Bobo's Big Top

Down at the fairground of football, Ginge finds BWFC on a stomach-turning journey, and joins the ride.

As fellow ginger Ronan Keating once bleated Ė life is a roller coaster, you just have to ride it. Well, I donít want to. I want to hop off and catch my breath if I may. See Iíve been riding one for around 20 years now and Iím sure itís making me ill....

The Right Man for Blackburn

Author: warthog / Date: Wednesday 18th June 2008

Set Pieces

The inbreds up the road are dithering about the appointment of a new manager. Ever helpful, The Wanderer offers some advice.

Grim times in Dingleville. Yosser Hughes has laid down the managerial banjo and decamped to Manchesterís biggest council house. David Bentley is leading the escape committee for those who remain. The toothless many-fingered hordes at Ewood Park are in a state which varies from worry to blind panic. Fortunately, weíre...

Euro 2008: The Netherlands

Author: mummywhycantieatcrayons / Date: Monday 9th June 2008

Set Pieces

Our man in the field, Mummywhycantieatcrayons, reports from the land of Total Football...

So the European Championship is upon us, and without a St. Georgeís cross in sight. The Ďwho will you supportí angle is just about the only the option the BBC had available to them, given that they, together with ITV, were committed to screening every single match of the tournament,...

The Transfer Window - is it all bs?

Author: Winter Hill White / Date: Thursday 5th June 2008

Set Pieces

Winter Hill White thinks so - and goes into the rumour mill for some sabotage...

We have reached the summer. As well as endless rainy days and bored children, what else can we expect? A load of football journalists with no football to journalise. So they just have to let their imagination run wild, and make up some random transfer stuff. But how random is it? Come with me,...

The Season Just Gone - Part One

Author: officer_dibble / Date: Sunday 25th May 2008

Set Pieces

Dibble's month by month, blow by blow account of a season in the life of Bolton Wanderers, and The Wanderer...

Pre Season Transfer News Already here were Gerald Cid and Jlloyd Samuel (just about) though he can claim to be Sammy Leeís first signing. An injured Blerim Dzemaili joined the club having been signed on a pre-contract as our creative midfield answer only to go and do his cruciates. Bugger. The first money...

It's the Hope That Kills You

Author: bobo the clown / Date: Friday 16th May 2008

Warthogs Academy

But fortunately we're still alive... just. Bobo looks back in anguish at the season gone and cacks his pantaloons at the thought of the one to come.

In 'Going Postal' by Terry Pratchett, the book begins with the 'hero', Alfred Spangler, in jail, hours from execution, trying to dig out of his cell by scraping away the mortar on one of the large stones in the jail-room wall. After weeks of effort and only a short time...

Die Hard With a Vengeance

Author: Salford Trotter / Date: Monday 12th May 2008

Away Daze

The end for this season, the end for several Bolton stalwarts, and the end for Chelsea's title hopes. Salford Trotter waves all off from the platform.

Over the years Bolton/Chelsea games have had a greater significance than most, as we remember back to 1983 and the relegation decider that saw the Wanderers drop into the old fourth division whilst Chelsea escaped. In 1998 when the Whites were scrapping for survival Jody Morris condemned Bolton to a return to the then...

Party the Whole Week Long

Author: thebish / Date: Saturday 10th May 2008

Away Daze

Bolton's stars leave the disco and put aside the remaining champers to act as target practice for Chelsea. Or do they? The bish seeks the truth...

I volunteered to do this preview before the 2-0 victory against Blunderland, honestly expecting to have to prepare a piece that anticipated our imminent relegation and struggled to find some graveyard humour to soften the blow. However, Diouf into the top corner, Murphy just over the line, and the whole scenario is changed! Mathematically we...

Nail Biting as an Art Form

Author: TANGODANCER / Date: Tuesday 6th May 2008

Trotting Home

Of course we always knew that Gary Megson would be totally brilliant in the end. Here's Tango's huzzah for the pretty much signed, sealed and delivered survivalists.

Well, it was never going to be a classic Brazillian style display was it? The happy-chappies from the northeast, with benevolent old blue-chin himself at the helm, were under instruction not to roll over and throw us a lifebelt come what may. We had battled our way to two wins and a creditable draw...

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