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Nail Biting as an Art Form

Author: TANGODANCER / Date: Tuesday 6th May 2008

Trotting Home

Of course we always knew that Gary Megson would be totally brilliant in the end. Here's Tango's huzzah for the pretty much signed, sealed and delivered survivalists.

Well, it was never going to be a classic Brazillian style display was it? The happy-chappies from the northeast, with benevolent old blue-chin himself at the helm, were under instruction not to roll over and throw us a lifebelt come what may. We had battled our way to two wins and a creditable draw...

Makes Ben Hur Look Like an Epic

Author: ratbert / Date: Friday 2nd May 2008

Trotting Home

The biggest game since... the last one. Ratbert hopes Sunderland are torn asunder.

Here we go. Ben Hur, Spartacus, Gladiator, Escape to Victory and Holiday on the Buses all rolled into the epic blockbuster to end epic blockbusters. Few would have thunk that little ol’ Bolton versus Little ol’ Sunderland would come to have the resonance of King Kong vs. Godzilla, but even after this all-out, no...

The Most Important Game in Our Recent History

Author: Soldier_Of_The_White_Army / Date: Wednesday 30th April 2008

Set Pieces

Soldier gets the Whites on the parade ground and gives the lads a rousing pre-battle cry.

I got to thinking this morning, just how important is the game against Sunderland next Saturday? Most people have written off the Chelsea game (though I still think we can pull off a draw), which means the game next weekend could decide our fate as a Premier League club. I started to think of the...

Sign on, Sign on

Author: warthog / Date: Monday 28th April 2008

Away Daze

Full marks to Bolton fans. Six out of ten for the team.

“We. Are. Staying up, I said, We are staying up” Bolton supporters were in defiant and extremely vocal mood as Gary Megson’s men came away from White Hart Lane with a scarcely deserved point.  The ginger genius sought to retain his unpopularity by starting with Grzegorz Rasiak as the lone striker,...

Boiled or Fried?

Author: thebish / Date: Thursday 24th April 2008

Away Daze

Thebish almost makes a hash of cooking up the Spurs preview. Who's for a bag of chips?

The Spuds came to the Reebok back in September 2007. They were managed by their very own Mr Potato Head back then and we were managed by a stunted chipstick – it seems like another age. Back then our team-sheet boasted the names of Gerald Cid and Abdoulaye Meite in...

Boro Match Report

Author: Athers / Date: Sunday 20th April 2008

Away Daze

Athers takes off the gas mask and reveals a big grin hiding behind it.

Free coach travel helped Wanderers to take a good following to the Sewerside, certainly many more than saw the whites capitulate 5-1 last season.  As the white army bounced in the concourse with an hour 'til kick off there was something special in the air, not just the stench of...

A Tees-ing Encounter

Author: TANGODANCER / Date: Friday 18th April 2008

Away Daze

Braving the smog, Tangodancer looks ahead to a potentially toxic trip to Teeside.

There are two Middleboro’s. One is in the Appalachian Mountains of sunny Kentucky, (although it’s a crater), the other hidden amidst the toxic clouds of ICI’s best products up’t north-east of England. Guess which one we get to visit this week ? Yes folks, it’s pollution-suits on, gas masks at the ready and all...

Like Ipswich for Bolton

Author: hisroyalgingerness / Date: Thursday 17th April 2008

Bobo's Big Top

Remember Ipswich Town? No, not THAT play-off match, the ill-fated 2001-02 campaign that saw the Tractor Boys both in Europe and fighting relegation. Heed HRG's warnings!

Back in 2000/01 season Ipswich Town finished fifth in the Premier League and earned themselves a UEFA Cup slot. The following year they were relegated to the Championship and haven’t been seen since. If we go down this season it is inevitable that our prolonged interest in the UEFA Cup will be cited. Dioufy...

The Boo-Hoo Boys are Back

Author: warthog / Date: Friday 11th April 2008

Trotting Home

West Ham are the visitors, and thoughts go back to a game that had them crying. They haven't stopped yet.

That Jay Jay Okocha goal.  Ian Pearce sent off.  Rufus Brevett threatening a ball boy.  A tearful Joe Cole, punching a hole in the tunnel and a lot of not so ‘appy ‘ammers. “I had britneys in me mince pies, me widow twanky was bobba fett,” recalled one of them. Translation:...

Oh, to be at Aintree

Author: perfan / Date: Monday 7th April 2008

Away Daze

It's Grand National Day. Bolton don't so much fall at the first fence, as lie down in front of it.

Firstly, an apology. It doesn't get any better second time around. You weren't having a nightmare. It really happened. Saturday was probably the biggest waste of money and waste of a day I've ever experienced. Even worse than Wembley 1999. Many of the 500 or so Bolton fans present left...

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