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Ridicule is nothing to be scared of

Author: Dave Sutton's barnet / Date: Wednesday 19th October 2016

Away Daze

Dave Sutton's barnet braved the Lions' Den and found mewling pussy-cats

  Ridicule is nothing to be scared ofDave Sutton's barnet braved the Lions' Den and found mewling pussy-catsBermondsey looks like the Third World with public transport infrastructure. On the walk designated for home fans from the heavily-fortified train station to the ground, you pass caravans and horses hard by scrappers and...

Shows how far we've come...

Author: Dave Sutton's barnet / Date: Thursday 18th August 2016

Away Daze

Bristol visit and a few observations from D.S.B.

  Distance often lends perspective. As is usually the case in Bristol, from the corner of the Memorial Stadium away terrace you can see across the valley to other suburbs perched upon Bristol’s vertiginous hills. Looking in another direction last night, you could see a Bolton team starting to distance itself...

What the Dickens....?

Author: TANGODANCER / Date: Thursday 10th December 2015

Away Daze

Not a sound off or personal view, just a few relevant facts in answer to the thread question: What sort of football club can a town like Bolton support ?

Going off the title of the thread, "What sort of a football club can Bolton support?, the answer has to be, “not a high-flying top-notch one, anymore” - and the reason is very simple. Comparing Bolton Wanderers past and the Burnden Park days ( amazing as it now seems the...

Reading the landscape

Author: Dave Sutton's barnet / Date: Saturday 6th December 2014

Away Daze

Having read too much Ian Sinclair, Dave Sutton's Barnet takes in the psychogeography of the Madejski Stadium

  Having parked on a council estate between a kebab van and a discarded supermarket trolley, I hope the vista will improve. A crisp clean December day, fur hat on, down into the valley of the Royals.TW denizen Prufrock noted before the game that the MadStad – named after a shameless...

Q.P.R. ....We're domed.....

Author: bwfcdan94 / Date: Tuesday 28th January 2014

Away Daze

A look-forward to a predicted thrashing......

So, our next away trip in is the Shepherds Bush and QPR. Having conceded seven at Reading and five at Leicester, most will go to this game asking the question of how many rather than will QPR score. On top of that, factor in a QPR defence who have been brilliant this season...

About Reading

Author: bwfcdan94 / Date: Friday 17th January 2014

Away Daze

A Dan's eye view of a Madejski occasion.

After home draws against Middlesbrough and Notts Forest, as well as a cup victory against Blackpool, We now face an away trip to Reading. The Royals have been in very poor form of late having picked up only 4 points from their last 6 games and despite the ten points and ten...

Teesside or tee-up?

Author: bwfcdan94 / Date: Thursday 28th November 2013

Away Daze

Dan weighs up the pros and cons of a vist to Middlebrough

So, a week on from another one of Dougie’s defensive master classes, Bolton make the trip to what is quite comfortably the most northern championship ground in the country. We go up to Middlesbrough in high spirits being unbeaten in 8, having won our last 3 games and more crucially...

Another trip to that London

Author: bwfcdan94 / Date: Wednesday 20th November 2013

Away Daze

Dan can't wait to read his crystal ball for the Watford day out.

Another trip to that London So,  having won at Bournemouth I feel it is only appropriate that I do a preview for our next Awayday at Watford. To some many of you Watford will evoke bad memories. The 1999 play off final defeat will evoke memories in some minds, others will...


Author: bwfcdan94 / Date: Thursday 31st October 2013

Away Daze

Things are going a bit south, thinks our Dan..

Next trip on the rollercoaster of doom, Bournemouth away, and our chance to extend our away winning record to 2 games, yes that's right 2 games. In fact some people would look at our unbeaten record that stretches back to the 21st of September and would say we are in good form....

Game One On.

Author: thebish / Date: Tuesday 30th July 2013

Away Daze

Thebish backtracks over some season starts as a preview to Burnley away.

The season begins..The long wait is over, the football-drought is about to end - hope springs eternal, everything is possible, there are as yet no blemishes on the season and fans can dream... the first game of the season, how has it turned out this century?2000It was Burnley at home....

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