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Date: Friday 7th May 2010

Trotting Home

The election's (sort of) over, something called the World Cup looms and Bolton's season ends with some old chums from down the M6 dropping in to help celebrate.

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The reds might be still in power but the blues are ahead, albeit not with a convincing lead. But enough about the Premier League title race. Bolton are safe for another year, and there’s a party of sorts to be had at the Reebok before thoughts turn to the summer international extravaganza in South Africa.

It’s been a torrid old season; flirting with relegation (again), berating Gary Megson (again), getting enraged at dropping points we shouldn’t have (again) and frustrated at not beating the top teams or having a decent cup run (again). Even the outpouring of joy that accompanied the despatch of Meggo to his garden in December, and the arrival of Owen Coyle, floating in from Burnley on a golden cloud, dissipated as the scale of the task of getting out of bother at the bottom made itself clear. That Bolton have wriggled free with two games to spare is obviously a good thing, but as much down to Portsmouth, Burnley and Hull being complete and utter shite as much as anything else. We could still finish fourth bottom this weekend.

But at least the pressure is off and the fans can relax against a Birmingham City team that equally has nothing to play for. In all the fuss about Fulham, Birmingham has been the surprise package of the season no-one’s quite noticed. They’ve cracked 50 points thanks to good management and organisation with a team of few what would be considered to be big stars. Funny how this has happened since the Gold brothers and David Sullivan left, whilst the terrible trio’s arrival at West Ham has made every Bolton fan’s favourite East London team look faintly more ludicrous than usual.

So what will we see from Bolton? Silly fancy dress from the crowd (Birmingham fans reading this, bring ‘Flipperman’ back) and a lot of amusing chanting, a walk round the pitch from management and players at the end with their kids, and a game of football that might be easy-going but possibly entertaining as well. It will probably also be the last time we see many of our players in a white shirt, as Owen prepares to make his own team in the summer. As to exactly who those going are, time will tell, but Gary Cahill, if the runes are right, might be one of them.

So have a great afternoon, and enjoy the fun – we’ve a right to after this season’s fingernail-shredding dramas. Now, where do I get a shitty little St George’s flag for my car?

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