The Good, the Bad and the Riley

Date: Saturday 23rd April 2005

Burnden Days & Barry Knights

Mar selects and his best, and worst, moments in the saga that is the Whites...

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GOALS 1. BOLTON 2:1 BORO, PER FRANDSEN (2003) Slow motion all the way, if there was ever one goal to sum up your relegation hopes, that has to be it. Sublime. 2. BOLTON 3:2 LIVERPOOL, CARLING CUP - YOURI DJORKAEFF (2003) So close to winning, then Liverpool equalise in the 89th minute, Anfield shouts of 'Who are ya!?' echo round the ground, only for us to get the winner a minute later from a Djorkaeff penalty. Not the finest goal, but the ironic cheers of 'who are ya!?' just make it so pleasureable in my mind. 3. BOLTON 2:2 ARSENAL - MARTIN KEOWN (2003) We so deserved that goal. It meant everything to our dogged determination and taking home a point from that to take us into an advantage at the end of the season. Statement of intent from Bolton that if we were gonna go down, we were going down fighting, and that summed up the season in one. Other goals that nearly made the grade - Michael Ricketts vs Man Utd. Commentary on that goal was superb and I still remember it to this day - the amount of celebration from that win. We didn't expect anything that season, and that was quite the gift. Another one that didn't make it in was a header from Shaun Bartlett in the Africa Vs. World charity game, the build up play from Okocha was magic, as was the deft chip that let him score. Worth the entrance fee alone. SIGNINGS / PLAYERS 1. GUDNI BERGSSON - best Bolton player for a long while. A captain in his own right and i'm sure he'd be up there for the managers job if he was so inclined. 2. FLORENT LAVILLE - we would have been relegated that season for sure if it wasn't for him. 3. JAY-JAY OKOCHA - not the best, not the most determined, but if there is one player i'm gonna remember when i'm old, it's likely to be the magician himself. VICTORIES 1. BOLTON 2:1 BORO (2003) Premiership survival will never taste so good. 2. MAN UTD 1:2 BOLTON (2001/2002) Let Mr. Barry White sing that sweet song. 3. BOLTON 5:2 ASTON VILLA - CARLING CUP SEMI FINAL (2003) The goals in that game - wow!! Never thought I'd see a goal to beat an overhead kick in terms of quality in a game that boasted 5 goals. DISAPPOINTMENTS 1. BARRY KNIGHT - Sad state of affairs that a ref can cause such an injustice. 2. APPOINTMENT OF MIKE RILEY AS REF IN CARLING CUP FINAL - How they claim that to be a fair decision I don't know, so sorry to see it happen and knew from the off we weren't gonna get a fair game. 3. CUP FINAL DEFEAT (2004) - So close, yet so far. Penalty shout in the last minute turned down when it was an obvious handball. If there was only video evidence. COCKUPS 1. Cup Final Ticket Arrangements 2004 - Put a dampner on the prematch when it should've been all smiles. 2. Man Utd 4:0 Bolton, 16th August 2003 - We didn't have that bad of a game, only for the ref not to see such an obvious offside decision. Talk about not doing the job properly. 3. Consecutive slip-ups after taking the lead - It happens so often its saddening. Maybe a mental thing, but our dogged figthing style leaves little to be desired when 2:1 up to go 2:3 down before that whistles blown.

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