Stand by Your Hubcaps

Date: Friday 29th February 2008

Trotting Home

Because the Scousers are a comin'. Ratbert scuttles up the nearest drainpipe to ponder the Chav attack.

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Having failed miserably to beat a number of teams they should have beat, the Wanderers now tiptoe timorously into the last third of the season with a juicy home game against Liverpool. No hubris required on this one, methinks.
Actually, parallels between the Reds and the Whites are tad uncanny at the moment. Both are going great guns in Europe, whilst league form has been patchier than the arse of someone trying to quit smoking. There is unrest in the Anfield camp; ‘Stevie G’ is already acting like the typical Liverpool fan, moaning that their performance this season is nowhere near good enough (so what’s new?) and that they should be doing much better (isn’t the Captain responsible on that count, Stevie?). In short, Liverpool FC should still be winning the title every year. Poor Scousers, can’t get over the fact that they haven’t been champions since 1990. And you thought United fans pre-’93 were insufferable. Meanwhile, nary a day goes by without one of the owners of the club denying he’s about to sell his life-sized Subbuteo set.
But that needn’t concern Bolton fans too much. What matters is winning, and we’re more than capable of that, given the inconsistent form of the Reds, who have been somewhat dodgy on their travels of late. Given that Megson likes to rub up the ‘big boys’ the wrong way as well, I fancy the super absorbent defence to soak up their spluttering front line and maybe, just perhaps, nick a goal on the break.
Yes, only a goal. Poor Lawro has been worrying about us apparently, as he doesn’t know where the goals are coming from. He also wants Meggo to tell him why he didn’t replace Anelka. Well we all want to know that, to be honest, and it’s fair to say that we’re like a whiny middle of the road glorified busker at present – blunt – with calls for everyone to chip in with the goals falling on deaf ears. Davies might be good at some things, but knocking ‘em in week in and out ‘aint one, and Diouf’s hardly helping matters. Given what happened against Portsmouth and Blackburn, that might be very haunting come eight games or so’s time.
I’ll stick with my 1-0 win though. Because Bolton, for all they put us through, are great.

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