Rodney Marsh

Date: Tuesday 29th March 2005

Swillers Sonnets

I was prompted to write this after so much criticism of Bolton over recent years....

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These are my thoughts of a most hated guy, A spikey haired chappy who was a pundit at sky, His views on the Wanderers are strictly one word, We're rubbish we're crap as we've often heard, He's slagged us on web sites, he's slagged us on TV, He's slagged us in papers through his media spree, He seems to get fun from slagging Bolton as such, But he never calls Fulham or Blackburn as much, The person in question is a certain Rodney Marsh, Who can take all his comments and shove em right up his arse!!! (c) Denn Swift

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"For missing the target from there, Pineapple Head, you want bloody shooting".
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