Perhaps He is Not All Lies

Date: Friday 25th August 2006

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Hell freezes over, pigs sprout wings and Jim Davidson announces his retirement. oh, and Samhater praises Big Sam... yes, really...

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OK, I was wrong, all have a good laugh. I was certain that the multi million pound bidding for Andy Johnson was a stunt by the club to sell more season tickets (one which failed). But here we are today, having spent a club record £8m on the incredible sulk himself, Nicky Anelka. Now I know that the move will be met with mixed feelings. I know he has hardly got the most consistent record of all strikers. At 27, he isn’t a spring chicken. However, what Sam (and the board) have done is take a massive stride towards what they believe in. Sure, in 12 months, if Anelka has scored only a handful of goals, there will be the Samhater clones who will go beserk at Sam for such a money waste. I will not be one of them. When Sam said that he has resisted the temptation to buy lesser players so that he could land his dream striker, I applaud. Had he failed, we may have faced months with a piss weak squad, but he didn’t fail, he did what he said he would. Sam felt that the biggest problem for the team was this lack of a goalscorer and lack of pace. Anelka fits both bills in his mind. While my opinion of Sam on a personal level will never change, I see this move, and his string of summer statements to be a turning point in my views of him as a manager. I am 100% behind the signing of Anelka and hope to God that he can score the goals that he is capable of. Should he flop, I will blame the player and only the player. Given that I mis-read the £8m badly, I have decided to take stock of my recent criticisms of the 'great ego' himself. Negative Sam I still say that Sam has gotten his tactics wrong in many a game. Shutting up shot does not work in the majority of cases. My personal taste is for free flowing, attacking football, mixed with a bit of route one. This was how we disposed of Arsenal last year. But, I guess each game is different and you do have to mix it up. While I will never agree with going to the likes of West Brom and playing for 0-0, Sam has generally got results playing ‘his’ way. I don’t like it, but I know the majority would happily win playing awful football. So that’s fair enough, he is doing right by the majority. After all, without having millions to spend on the squad, we can’t expect to match all teams skill wise, so we play to our strengths. Treatment of players Having paid £1m for Borgetti, it seems sensible to give the guy a chance. Perhaps it was his unwillingness to defend, or his attitude in training. For whatever reason, Sam knew that Jared was not the player he thought he had signed. Perhaps Sam should have come out and said ‘hey, I got this one wrong’ and he would have earned some respect. However, by disposing of Jared, I think it showed that he had made an error, and those are bound to happen from time to time (Jardel, Bulent, Jansen etc). Just be nice to admit it for once alongside when you are crowing about your many great buys (Davies, Hierro, Speed etc). Last season I was furious with Sam for verbally attacking Ben Haim following the Okocha incident. Still think this was wrong, but his recent statement in support of Ben Haim shows that the aforementioned episode has not damaged their relationship. Sam and the media Still a bit of an annoyance to me that everytime you open the paper or turn on Sky Sports, the ugly mug is there, and usually saying how great he is, or whining about terrible refereeing. Oh, and lets not forget the way he always blames individuals for mistakes caused by his own (lets all defend) tactics. He should perhaps be given guidance on how to speak with the media instead of jumping in feet first. I honestly think that this attitude cost him the England job, the FA preferring to go for a yes man. You reap what you sow. However, despite all this, under Sam, with his thirst for media coverage, BWFC has become a household name. In our previous visits to the top flight, we were just one of those Watford type teams nobody knew (How many of their squad do you know)? Now, every footy fan in the country knows most players (and they all think Hunt is awful and Nolan is a God). The profile of the club is way bigger than it should be for the size of the club. This is vital when looking to attract top players. That has to be down to Sam. Finally, the other thing that made me see the positive side of Sam was the way he saw through the disgraceful Jay Jay and his pathetic attempt to win a new contract. Sam saw the way he had given no effort in the past two years and got rid. So, I am not a fan of the man, and not 100% behind his skills, but Sam this week has proved me wrong big time and I am happy to admit it. His vision for the club is ambitious and I have to say well done. I am in the process of ordering my T-Shirt which I will wear to every game I attend this season in accordance with the statement I made some weeks back. Feel free to come and say hi. Samh… Samtolerator

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