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Date: Friday 5th November 2010

Trotting Home

Let history repeat itself and put the invaders to the sword

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Hotspur: an impetuous or reckless person; a hothead.

A mental image maybe of Guy Fawkes, but not perhaps the best description of Happy Harry, wearing his expression of a bloodhound with toothache. His image is more of being sat in a handcart while a bunch of kids extort pennies (make that pounds) from passers-bye. A trip to the rain-swept environs of Middlebrook in the Marsh to play Bolton after Spurs euphoric midweek beating of Inter Milan might not exactly be his idea of footballing Heaven: particularly so since they havenít had a league win here since 1966. Last yearís corresponding fixture resulted in a drawn 2-2 and heíll be hell-bent on changing all that this weekend. We, meanwhile, need to shake of the nightmare image of a last minute defeat by the Scouse undead and not dwell on the unfairness of life in the football lane. Shxt happens, sometimes too often in our case.

With Man of the Moment, Gareth Bale in devastating form Harry might well be forgiven for thinking that the Superwhites of the north might well pocket him three points by capitulating to his conquering heroes. Being a close rival to Old Rednose for graciously accepting defeat, he wonít of course give us any credit whatsoever; that isnít his style at all, and should we once again upset the whelk cart weíll only hear how his wonderboys controlled the game and should have won comfortably. In that, heís as predictable as a Manchester United extra time clock.

I have happy memories of January 1990, the day of my sonís wedding, when, after Darren Bent demolished our two-goal lead, Super Kev dived amongst a forest of boots and nodded in the winner at the death. I excused myself from the meal so many times that day to check the score, everybody thought I had diarreagh and I had a tribe of bribed kids keeping me on tenterhooks with messages. Beating Tottenham is a grand feeling.   

All that said, Spurs are a good side and with striker choices of Crouch, Pavluchenko, Lennon, Keane etc, and not forgetting the left sided threat of Bale and the input of Van der Vaart and a choice of having more players than Online Poker, it wonít be easy to predict a win, although Kaboul and Gallas may well be pondering a certain duo of Davies K and Elmander J, with about the same trepidition that Gretar Steinsson will be loking forward to trying to contain the Bale greyhound. Please Lord, donít let him keep getting dragged towards the play and leaving the back post open. Thatís a disaster waiting to happen, and it does. We have to hope that Holden and Muamba the unpredictable will be be on the same wavelength and not leave gaps in the midfield that the visitors will be only too keen to exploit. With Martin Petrov reportedly in contention for a place heíll probably start, if his fitness is confirmed, in a predictable unchanged side with Taylor eagerly awaiting to see if itís a day when the winger is interested or not. We just have to get that final cog in the wheel if weíre not to spend the rest of the season looking over our shoulders. Ladders, not Snakes, is the order of the day, a day when a few fireworks might be saved from the 5th to let off on the Reebok turf. It wonít be a game for faint - hearts and, as has been said this week, we donít do luck or rub of the green, itís all or nothing time.

I just have to predict a win, maybe a decent one, but it will be tough. Defeat is not on the agenda. A win in the early kick-off feature will leave the fans feeling a little more comfortable about what happens elsewhere.


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