Food of the Gods

Date: Monday 27th August 2007

Trotting Home

A short but sweet report on a sweet game. Sausages eats sausage rolls and savours the taste of victory.

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25th February 2007

What a splendid day out. Three goals scored, none conceded; the sun a’shining and one of Greenhalgh’s finest nestled in your current correspondents admittedly expanding stomach region. Further to that, the all important trio of points were achieved without Sammy Lee reverting back to the kind of direct tactics which made the Wanderers a chore to watch at times, and that he has publicly eschewed. Although the occasional long ball did creep in from time to time, the general style of play was vastly improved on that which has been witnessed on the hallowed Horwich turf in recent times. Alonso is showing signs of developing into the player we all hoped he was on arrival, and has the range of passing to ensure that the departing Ivan Campo will not be mourned for too long. Elsewhere Diouf and Anelka were irresistible throughout the game and Speed as reliable as ever, whilst Hunt and Samuel both made a number of timely interventions and good use of the ball when going forward. Admittedly our opponents were but an injury-ravaged Reading, but the job was still there to be done and it would surely not have been as easy if the rot had truly set in to the extent which some of Bolton’s naysayers and doomsday merchants would have you believe. In his programme notes, Sammy Lee asked for patience from fans (and the Club hierarchy) and that is what this victory has hopefully secured him, for now at least. I for one hope that he is given enough time to continue with the good work displayed this weekend.

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