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Date: Saturday 27th August 2011

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Time for our once a season trip to Liverpool on sea, and we won’t need to take suntan lotion for this one. Unless an unforeseen, mini heat-wave nips across the Irish Sea it looks like a wet slide-about is on the cards. We’ve been dictated a rather harsh series of games to kick off our season and Anfield isn’t a place we usually get much change from ; eleven losses and one draw from twelve visits make the bookies odds all in big favour of the homers . The "Never Walk Alone" boys, (think this originally came from advice on going out after dark) with Suarez and Carroll leading the charge, will be firm favourites to make it thirteen results on the trot, oh, wait a minute, thirteen?. Ah, that could have a bearing on things. In a city where superstition stretches to chicken worship, there’s eight days in a week, they have a museum for a pop group, you can gain an A-Level in by-passing electric meters and make a small fortune in a car-watching protection racket , that might just ring a few alarm bells.

But is it really all about gifting points to the mighty Reds, or is it more about keeping them at bay and taking any chances we make? We have fresh blood in the side and more than a few Whites fans are hoping to see our own Turkish delight appear in his first league game in a White shirt. Liverpool can’t have done too much homework on us yet, us having only played two games and, we did score two against City last week. Just maybe if we keep them out and take those chances we might upset a few predictions. Klasnic can score from the very faintest sight of an opponents’ net, and some of our goals of late have been rather tasty. Petrov is showing some fire and commitment and Tuncay’s Carling Cup effort was very well taken indeed.

Will Gary Cahill remain cool and unaffected by the Bolton and Arsenal handbag slapping, and will the Boyata lad get the nod to play, and will he have the hoped for effect on our performance? It’s looking like a 4-4-2 start with Klasnic and Davo up front, but things may change as it progresses. Nought but a really good performance will get us anything at Anfield, that’s a given, but knowing Super John McGinlay will probably be watching from afar and remembering his own antics gives hope we might just upset all the apple carts and take at least a point back down the East Lancs Road..

A crazy prediction might say 2-1 to us, a hopeful one, some sort of a draw, and a likely one a closely fought loss. We’ll soon know.

Come On You Whites. A Hard Day’s Night’s on the cards, but just Imagine….



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