Canaries are little yellow birds...

Date: Friday 16th September 2011

Trotting Home

After the easy games we get....Norwich.

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Visitors brought pets in cages and called them canaries... 

And that’s how our next opponents got their name. Sixteenth century Flemish refugees brought their little yellow, feathered pets along to the City of Norwich and Norwich City FC much later adopted the name for their football club. Not exactly a fright- inducing badge they bear, a canary, but they’ve seen a battle or two in their time. Back in the good old days their place was raided and burned down by Viking, Swein Forkbeard, fancy that for a stat, and since then they’ve won about three times in their last twenty two clashes with the bold lads in White. Eleven losses and eight draws should effectively hearten our chances of making it twelve losses. We haven’t met them on a football pitch for over five years but they were good enough to get promoted to the "Best league in the world", so it might be an interesting encounter. They have their own version of Super Kev in Grant Holt, Steve Morison up front and a former Atherton Colls lad, Kevin Pilkington, is likely to figure in the fray. James Vaughn is classed as doubtful. On the good side for us, injuries have left them short of a decent defence and we might just be able to get the odd goal that matters.

All that said, their current three points have been achieved via draws and they haven’t yet won a game in the high-octane zone. We, on the other hand, have battled with the mightiest and frightened the likes of Man City, Scousepool and United half to death with our dazzling skills. So it should be easy then? Then again, maybe not. With seventeen million and thirty seven pounds worth of central defenders, and a team who’ve hardly really met each other except at ear-flicking and table tennis tournaments, we have yet to get into fifth gear, except at chasing backwards o’er the greensward. Boy Boyata isn’t sure of everyone’s names yet, but Zat Knight says not to worry, neither is he. When in doubt he just shouts at Robbo. Owen Coyle is said to be visiting a medium to ascertain who is really alive and who is zombified amongst his noble warriors before writing out the team sheet.

The Norwich side is as familiar to me as a list of the crew of a Viking longboat so we’ll wait and see on that one. For the home heroes I’m predicting: Jussi, Boyata, Cahill, Knight, Robinson, Tuncay, Muamba, Reo Coker, Petrov, Ngog and Davies as starters with maybe Eagles coming in wide right and Tuncay moving forward if Davo isn’t having a joy day. Pratley and Mark Davis may also figure as might Klasnic, depending how it all goes. It’s a game we have to win because doubling our points will look a lot healthier for a brief week of glory beforeArsenal and Chelsea line up against us.

Have to look positive and predict a victory, maybe a decent one, against opposition a little further down the table than our recent visitors. 3-1 to the Superwhites.  

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