by Wardrobe

Date: Saturday 29th January 2005

Burnden Days & Barry Knights

Wardrobe gives us his best and worst of the Trotters.................

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Victories 1. READING PLAY-OFF FINAL - Possibly the biggest emotional rollercoaster of my life, and certainly the best comeback everseen. 2. PRESTON PLAY-OFF FINAL - Great day out in Cardif, great stadium and the win that took us back to the promised land. 3. THAT WIN AT OLD TRAFFORD (09/11/02) - Beating them in there own back yard, what else needs to be said. Didnt even mind being kept behind for 30 minutes after the game - it was party time! Goals 1. SASA CURCIC v CHELSEA - With the exception of Frankie (which I didnt see) this has to be the most skillfull goal seen from a man in the white shirt. 2. PEDERSEN AT ARESNAL THIS YEAR - (won me alot of money!) Backed the draw at a bookies near Highbury. Henrik paid for a very good weekend!!! 3. ANY OF THE McGINLAY GOALS AGAINST WOLVES - How much did I love seeing Wolves fans wound up by Supa John. They are still bitter to this day!! Disappointments 1. WATFORD PLAY-OFF - The day before this game I was in a hostel in Queensland about to go on a 3 day trip to Fraser Island. Staying there was a mad Watford fan who I took great delight in informing would still be playing Div 1 football next year. Got back from the trip, without knowing the score to find the said same fan had delayed his onward trip just to have a little chat with me....... 2. BORO CUP FINAL - Dreams of Europe Ended, or have they just been postponed.......... 3. JAY-JAY's DEBUT AT FULHAM - Opening day of the season and all I had been saying for weeks to my maates was how good Jay Jay was going to be. Took a friend along to the game, and was made to eat some serious humble pie. Fortunately things got better.... Signings 1. Eidur Gudjohnson 2. John Mcginlay 3. Sam Allardyce Cock ups 1. Mario Jardel 2. Carling Cup Tickets - nuff said. 3. Normid Superstore

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