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Date: Tuesday 8th March 2005

Burnden Days & Barry Knights

Memories, both sweet and bitter - mofgimmers shares his highs and lows.......

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Supporting Bolton Wanderers is a funny ol' thing. From skipping 'round that puddle down Manny Road, to gazing at the ING___RAND sign on the Great Lever End roof, to witnessing the man on the parachute NEARLY land on the pitch during the Arsenal cup tie (where i managed to land a pie on Ian Wright's neck in the warm up), to the crushing lows of the Watford playoff final, and Ricardo Gardner's bleach blonde hair, it really is a rollercoaster ride or indeed, a mug's game. Many pints sunk, many pies demolished, and many joyous moments between, here are my memories of watching my beloved whites. GOALS 1. Fabien De Freitas - Playoff final vrs Reading. Having made the impact he always promised (stop sniggering you lot!) he lay down in the six yard box, expertly controlled the ball with his hand, and unleashed an unstoppable shot from 4 yards out. The man was, and still is a God. 2. Owen Coyle vrs Gretna (FaCup) A strange choice, but when we scraped past these minnows, Owen saved our bacon which led to an awesome FA Cup run. His brace set us off and running to bigger and better things. Owen Coyle, Owen Coyle, Oooowen Oooowen Coyle... you know the rest. 3. Barry Cowdrill vrs Swindon in the league cup. Ok, ok, it was disallowed (for offside i believe) but when ol' suger lumps unleashed a ferocious swerving drive from a million miles out, snugly into the top corner... it was the greatest 'goal' ever 'scored' by a white shirt. The beauty of grace of a permed mullet and tasche, combined with bandy legs and pointed knees... why, it's enought o make me weep. SIGNINGS / PLAYERS 1. Youri Djorkaeff - The single most important catch in Bolton's history. 2. Tony Philliskirk - Laid the path that Super John and Andy Walker walked on. Legend. AND looked a bit like the lead singer from Heaven17. 3. Keith Branagan - Backbone of everyone's fave Wanderers' team... and currently playing in an AC/DC tribute act (i kid you not) VICTORIES 1. Bolton vrs Reading (Playoff's 95) We all know why. I was there... greatest day of my life. 2. Bolton vrs Leicester. 5-0 on opening day of season anyone? Me? Drunk in a muddly field at a festival thinking my brother was playing a cruel trick on me (he was texting the scores to me). Me singing Wanderers songs on me own in the middle of the Potteries. Ace. 3. Bolton vrs Wrexham... promted from the 4th and never looked back. I can hear Dave Higson's voice still.... DISAPPOINTMENTS 1. Roy McFarland. The End. 2. The turn out at last seasons semi final vrs Villa. I felt ashamed of our fans that day. 3. Andy Walker's post match interview on MOTD when we have beaten L'pool in the FACup. Motty to John 'Is this the best day of your life' John to Motty 'Without doubt...' Motty asks same question to Andy Walker... his reply '...i'd have to say no... i had wonderful times up at Parkhead, the old firms...' LIE TO US YOU IDIOT!!! JUST SAY YES!!! AAARGH! COCKUPS 1. League Cup Final Ticket Arrangements 2004. My mate got stabbed in the queue. I get a ticket after standing in line for 7 hours only for people around me ringing ticket master and buying 12 tickets at a time. 2. Deano. Semi Final. Open goal. Oh dear. 3. Hiring the Reebok Rebels. Why oh why? MOMENTS 1. My first walk down Wembley way. Amaaazing. 2. Keith Branagan's penalty save against Reading... i just knew the game was ours from that point on. 3. Me brother (YMC) getting told he was going to be best man during the Preston playoff final. Sweeeet! FAVE SONG - Mixu, Mixu Mixu, Mixu Mixu, Mixa PAATELEINEN (to the tune of No Limits) OR 'YOU'RE NOT BOINGING ANYMORE!!!!' aimed at the West Brom fans' unusual boinging craze!

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