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Pie and Smash and Grab?

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Author: Sausages / Date: Friday 2nd November 2007

Away Daze

No jellied eels for sausages, just an assessment of the Whites' chances against everyone's second favourite team (ahem).

The Wanderers trot down to 'that London' this weekend as underdogs in search of our first away league victory of the season. Previous trips to Upton Park have borne valuable points under the stewardship of Big Sam in seasons gone by, but these days we travel with but a shadow of our former confidence. West...

Pass the Portugal

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Author: Sausages / Date: Friday 26th October 2007

Trotting Home

The precipice of a new era. A European blockbuster. Well, we need to big it up somehow. Over to Sausages...

A paltry crowd turned out for a faltering performance last night as the Trotters meekly conceded an ill-deserved victory to a breezy, if largely ineffective, unit from the charming city of Braga. Midway through the second half and a goal to the good, Mr Tangodancer’s pre-match prediction seemed sure to...

Food of the Gods

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Author: Sausages / Date: Monday 27th August 2007

Trotting Home

A short but sweet report on a sweet game. Sausages eats sausage rolls and savours the taste of victory.

What a splendid day out. Three goals scored, none conceded; the sun a’shining and one of Greenhalgh’s finest nestled in your current correspondents admittedly expanding stomach region. Further to that, the all important trio of points were achieved without Sammy Lee reverting back to the kind of direct tactics which made...

Fulham Preview - No More of the Same Please

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Author: Sausages / Date: Wednesday 15th August 2007

Away Daze

After last Saturday's debacle, you'd be forgiven for thinking the long trip to London on a wet Wednesday night is what the Wanderers' want. But sausages is game...

Fulham, Fulham, Fulham. Home to Egyptian tycoons with conspiracy fixations, the oldest stand in the football league, and, hopefully, Bolton Wanderers’ first victory of the season. The BBC website reported that the Wanderers came out of the traps like a hamstrung sprinter on Saturday, and that seemed unpleasantly appropriate as Kevin...

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