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Mr Personality Returns. Not!

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Author: Backgammon / Date: Friday 24th August 2007

Trotting Home

Backgammon previews the visit of a side led by the Terminator's apprentice.

As Bolton players are transferred out of Fantasy football sides faster than you can say ‘vote of confidence’, most Bolton fans remain positive. The words 'We're only three games in FFS', if typed into Google, return more hits than 'porn'. As the media vultures circle above, the fans know that...

Ze German Fussball Experience

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Author: Backgammon / Date: Thursday 16th November 2006

Set Pieces

Fed up of waiting in queues, seeing empty seats and waiting 90 years to get off the car park? Here's Backgammon with a little look at how our friends in Germany do a match day...

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Germany for a short holiday. The land of Frankfurters, Berliners, 'The Hoff' and giant glasses of Beer had been chosen as the venue for a Stag Do, for the principal reason of trying to catch a German league game. Fourteen intrepid northerners set...

Knowing a Legend

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Author: Backgammon / Date: Tuesday 27th September 2005

Set Pieces

The story of how Backgammon ambled down to his local and discovered a Wanderers legend...

"So you're a Bolton fan", he said. I turned from the game on the TV to see the familiar face of the captain of the pub darts team. He was pissed as usual but I thought I'd give the conversation a try. "Certainly am," I said. He squinted at me...

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