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The Lion, The Wit and The Wardrobe.

Author: TANGODANCER / Date: Thursday 31st March 2016

Set Pieces

A short summary of men at the front from then to now.

The Lion , the Wit and the Wardrobe.  A jump from then to now, admittedly missing of a great many good, even great, Bolton front men; but most fans know them anyway. How we got from then to now is the main theme. The Lion…… A journey of street lamps and playing...

Looking back to go forward....

Author: Harry Genshaw / Date: Wednesday 30th March 2016

Set Pieces

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it

  For those of us around the last time we slipped into the bottom two divisions, there are some worrying similarities with the current goings on and the class of 1982-83.June 1982 and "Now we want Pele!" was the headline in the Bolton Evening News. Repeated in many of the following...

Going down and growing up.

Author: Dave Sutton's barnet / Date: Thursday 17th March 2016

Set Pieces

D.S.B. relates some facts about where we've been and where we might now be heading...

  GOING DOWN AND GROWING UP In 1993, I was 19 years old and learning my trade. The long summer days working in Eagley Mills were enlivened only by the lunchtime ritual of slouching up the hill, devouring two Hampson’s pies and reading the early edition of what was still the Bolton...

Counting chickens in the rain...

Author: Jugs / Date: Monday 8th February 2016

Trotting Home

Jugs writes of a monentous encounter.

  Bolton v Rotherham: 6.2.14Bolton v Rotherham is not a game I would ordinarily be prepared to fork out £23 of my hard-earned cash for. Ever since we tumbled out of the Premier League we’ve been involved in some drab home affairs; the tepid 2-0 win over Millwall springs to mind,...

Neil Lennon: From Buzzwords To The Gutter.

Author: Jugs / Date: Thursday 21st January 2016

Set Pieces

Jugs, waxes not lyrical on managerial failings.

After his first game in charge away at Birmingham City, Neil Lennon spoke about “game management,” and how this was something we needed to improve on. I was impressed. At last it seemed like we had a manager who spoke intelligently about football, as opposed to a manager who shamelessly...

To the brink and back....

Author: Enoch / Date: Sunday 27th December 2015

Set Pieces

Enoch relates a tale of faith and hope.....

With our beloved club in turmoil and the future far from certain, this tale of my local club may just give a glimmer of hope.Over the Christmas period of 2007, one of the most bizarre stories from the game of football broke. The once proud club of Gravesend & Northfleet,...

What the Dickens....?

Author: TANGODANCER / Date: Thursday 10th December 2015

Away Daze

Not a sound off or personal view, just a few relevant facts in answer to the thread question: What sort of football club can a town like Bolton support ?

Going off the title of the thread, "What sort of a football club can Bolton support?, the answer has to be, “not a high-flying top-notch one, anymore” - and the reason is very simple. Comparing Bolton Wanderers past and the Burnden Park days ( amazing as it now seems the...

Season of the Which

Author: TANGODANCER / Date: Saturday 1st August 2015

Trotting Home

It's new season time again and a hope that Neil Lennon turns out to be a wizard.

No, not a spelling error, not hunting witches, but a topic to get some views on what might really happen based on the pre-season being over and the new challenge being but a week away. In other words, “which” Bolton will Neil Lennon pull out of the hat this time?...

Reading the landscape

Author: Dave Sutton's barnet / Date: Saturday 6th December 2014

Away Daze

Having read too much Ian Sinclair, Dave Sutton's Barnet takes in the psychogeography of the Madejski Stadium

  Having parked on a council estate between a kebab van and a discarded supermarket trolley, I hope the vista will improve. A crisp clean December day, fur hat on, down into the valley of the Royals.TW denizen Prufrock noted before the game that the MadStad – named after a shameless...

Freedman's Finest Fellas..

Author: Dave Sutton's barnet / Date: Monday 29th September 2014

Set Pieces

D.S.B runs the rule over the best of the worst.

  In just under two years at Bolton, Dougie Freedman has presided over a right old player re-shuffle. Through choice or necessity, the Scot has seen the back of dozens of players – and welcomed a fair few in too. Of those he has brought to the club, some have been rather...

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